September 25 2021
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My experience at ATST has been unforgettable. Jr & Jill are wonderful people and truly care about their students and the taxidermy industry. I would recommend ATST to anyone interested in a serious career as a taxidermist.

Jeremy Clayton 
Jacksboro, Texas

I enjoyed my time spent at ATST because of the "Straight Forward" type of atmosphere and the zeal of my instructor to venture to great lengths of stressing the importance of performing each task with excellence.

Ricky Bogan 
Fort Worth, Texas 

"Very Impressed"

I can't say enough good things about this school. Bill and Jill Pierce are great people and Instructors. Bill has a lot of experience in Taxidermy and it definitely shows. He is a great teacher and you can really tell that he likes what he does. If you have a problem with your work, he will stop everything and demonstrate and walk you through it until you are perfectly clear on what to do. It really makes learning fun! I could tell that this program was planned and thought out very well. It was definitely not just thrown together. I chose to stay at the school housing, they have just about everything you would need to make your stay comfortable. If you are looking for a hands on school where you will learn a great deal about producing great mounts and running your own shop, you have found it! "All Trophy's" School of Taxidermy! Thanks again!

Jared Davis/True 2 Nature Taxidermy 
Combine, Texas

Before coming to the class I was worried there might have been things I would have a hard time learning, but by the end of the first day I was confident I would leave the school knowing everything I needed to mount any kind of Deer. Bill has a great teaching style!

Julie Hart 
Cantonment, Florida

I, like most hunters and fishers, have a love for the outdoors and have always wanted a career involving my outdoor obsession. I finally, after a couple of years, decided to attend a taxidermy school. After careful consideration I choose All Trophy's and this, I believe, was an excellent choice. The school is very professional and well managed. The "hands on" experience is second to none, and Bill is very knowledgeable. My overall experience at All Trophy's was excellent. The housing was very good and I was blessed with some great roommates. I left the school with the confidence to open my own shop and some great friends that I can only hope last a lifetime. A special thanks to Bill and Jill, you have made the start of my new career very successful.

Jake Carter/Higher Ground Taxidermy 
Alto, Texas

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